PhD and MS offers in Behavioral Ecology ~

21 de octubre de 2010

PhD and MS offers in Behavioral Ecology

Seeking Graduate (PhD and MS) Students in Behavioral Ecology and Avian
Population Ecology - I am recruiting graduate students into my lab at Texas
Tech University to work on songbird populations in the scenic Hudson Valley
of New York. Work is funded by the National Science Foundation through at
least 2013. Our current focus is on how birds use public, private, past
and/or current information of predator abundance and reproductive success to
select breeding territories and avoid predators. Opportunities exist to
build on this research theme or initiate new studies in the fields of
behavioral and/or population ecology, including avian communication.
Funding for research and teaching assistantships are available to help
support students.

Students are expected to develop their research thesis (empirical and/or
theoretical) around the larger theme of my lab, which is based on Ecology of
Information – how organisms acquire and use information to manage their
daily lives of finding food, avoiding predators, selecting mates, etc. For
more information or to apply, please attach a letter of interest and resume
(including contact information for 3 references) to Dr. Ken Schmidt

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