Winter Internship in Ecuador ~

16 de noviembre de 2010

Winter Internship in Ecuador

We are building a sustainable settlement in the rainforest of coastal
Ecuador and we need help. A few years ago, a few of us – ecology, economics,
and business graduates – founded a nonprofit organization called Third
Millennium Alliance. We raised some money and bought a lot of land in one of
the most endangered tropical forests in the world and established an
ecological reserve. There was a small patch of previously-degraded land
right in the middle, where we have built an innovative and surprisingly
comfortable research station out of bamboo, by hand. Immediately surrounding
the house we are designing/growing/building a living laboratory of
sustainable resource management (i.e. permaculture). Our goal is 100% food
self-sufficiency within 10 years. So far, we’re maybe 15% of the way there.
This is also a testing ground for appropriate technology, such as off-the-
grid renewable energy, water treatment and management, organic pesticide
production, etc. With the nearby community, we are experimenting with
reforestation of ex-cattle pasture, eco-tourism alternatives, and ecological
education for children. OUR GREATEST NEED right now is people who want to
teach ecological education and/or English language to both children and
adults in the adjacent community of Camarones. You will also be responsible
with organizing “movie night” once a week, in which we show ecology-related
movies (documentaries as well as major motion pictures) to the community at
large. You will need to have at least some Spanish-speaking ability – the
more, the better. To learn more, please visit If you are
interested in applying, please email We really hope to
get a chance to work with you.

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