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7 de diciembre de 2010

Ofertas para ornitólogos

SONGBIRD FIELD TECHNICIANS (6 positions) – Come study songbird ecology and
behavior in the scenic Hudson Valley (upstate NY) at the Cary Institute of
Ecosystem Studies (http://www.caryinstitute.org/), as part of a project
funded by the National Science Foundation through Texas Tech University. We
are seeking motivated research technicians to assist with our long-term
study on the breeding ecology of veeries and ovenbirds and vocal
communication and mating strategies in the veery. Positions run from ~May
2nd until July 15th, 2011 (with extensions for 2 or more positions).
Stipends vary from $1600 - $2,200/month depending on qualifications and
position (see below). Housing at the Cary Institute is reserved for these

LEAD BANDING TECHNICIAN (1 opening). Responsibilities: lead and organize our
banding program consisting of: mist netting (target netting), bird banding,
bleeding, transmitter application, morphometric measures, and data entry.
Qualifications: Prior experience with mist netting and handling/banding
birds is a must, as is the ability to carry 10-15 lbs of equipment through
hilly forested terrain. Leadership and organizational skills are also
essential for this position.

LEAD TELEMETRY TECHNICIAN (1 opening). Responsibilities: Lead and organize
our telemetry program consisting of: radio-tracking birds, taking GPS
points, importing GPS data onto maps using ARC GIS software.
Qualifications: Prior telemetry experience or skill in hearing, spotting,
and following color-banded songbirds is preferred, must enjoy chasing
veeries through hilly, wet, forested terrain. Leadership and organizational
skills are also essential for this position.

GENERAL TECHNICIANS (nest searchers, radio trackers, banders, song
recorders) (4 openings). Responsibilities: Nest searching, veery and
ovenbird nest monitoring, song recording, mist-netting, radio tracking,
re-sighting color-banded banded birds, data entry. Qualifications: prior
experience nest-searching and/or spotting color-banded songbirds is
preferred. This is a great way to get experience with new techniques - must
be willing to help with several jobs.

To learn more or apply, please attach a letter of interest and resume
(including contact information for 3 references) to DR. KEN SCHMIDT
(kenneth.schmidt@ttu.edu). Please indicate which position(s) you are
interested in. Applications received by January 14, 2011 will receive full
consideration, although applications will continue to be accepted until
positions are filled.

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