PhD with Bats and Moths ~

8 de diciembre de 2010

PhD with Bats and Moths

Dr. William Conner.
Department of Biology, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC.
Position is available starting summer or fall 2011.

Position description: the successful student will participate in an
NSF-funded project investigating the behavioral ecology of acoustic
aposematic and mimetic signaling of tiger moths defending against
insectivorous bats. Investigations include infrared videography and 3-D
reconstruction of bat-moth interactions recorded under field conditions, and
ultrasonic recording and analysis of acoustic signals of both bats and
moths. Field research will be conducted in North Carolina and southeastern
Arizona. For more information visit

Funding: Full funding for research is available through a National Science
Foundation grant. Four years of teaching assistantships are guaranteed.

Desired qualifications:
• Demonstrated aptitude for technological and quantitative skills such as
videography and 3D reconstruction, acoustic recording and analysis, computer
programming, etc.
• Experience conducting field research with bats or other animals
• Master’s degree in biology or related field, or undergraduate degree with
substantial research experience

Contact: Dr. William Conner, 336-682-0441

A formal application can be made online through the Wake Forest Graduate
School, and is due no later than Jan. 15th, 2011.

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