Research Technician Studying Effects of Fire on Reptile Community ~

18 de enero de 2011

Research Technician Studying Effects of Fire on Reptile Community

Job Number: 24578 (Classification: Temporary/Seasonal Positions)
Agency: Ohio University
Location: Land-Between-The-Lakes National Recreational Area

Last date to apply will be 28 February 2011.

Job Description: As part of a dissertation project through Ohio University, I am investigating the
effects of prescribed fire on the energetics of Black Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis nigra). I will not only
determine energetics for snakes within the field, but I will be correlating energetic responses to
habitat selection, prey densities, predation intensity, vegetative structure, and competition. I will
determine the fitness and body condition of radio-transmittered Black Kingsnakes and other snake
species found within the study sites. Using mark-recapture techniques, I am also measuring
population characteristics of all reptile, amphibian, and small mammal populations. Results from
this study will assist forest managers in understanding how prescribed burning directly and
indirectly affects reptile species.

The technician will assist in radio tracking Black Kingsnakes, checking drift fences and processing
captured reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals, conducting vegetation transects, and data
entry. Additionally, technician will assist in the deployment and collection of copper models
throughout each study site. Technician should be in great physical condition and be able to hike
about 8-15 miles a day in various weather conditions with about 10 - 20 pounds of gear.
Technician should also be tolerant of ticks, spiders, and insects. Technician should have previous
radio telemetry experience. Technician should be able to navigate using a compass and
topographic map, operate a GPS device, ability to identify and handle reptiles, amphibians, and
small mammals (on job training will be expected, but prior knowledge would be beneficial).
Venomous snakes will be encountered during this job; however, the technician will be trained in
properly handling and processing venomous snakes.

Housing will be provided for the technician at the Hancock Biological Station, Murray State
University; student cabins ( Technician may
be required to use their own personal vehicle for job related travel; gas will be reimbursed.

Technician position will begin 1 April and end 31 August 2011. Technician will work 5 days a week
and have weekends free.

Timeline: 1 April 2011 to 31 August 2011. Dates are slightly flexible, but position will last only 5

Stipend: Technician will be paid a stipend of $1,200/month. Technician will be paid at the end of
each month. Gas will be reimbursed for all job-related travel.

Location: This project will be conducted at the Land-Between-The-Lakes National Recreational
Area (LBL), Kentucky. Study sites will be located within the Franklin Oak-prairie Restoration burn
sites and neighboring control sites. LBL offers a multitude of different outdoor activities and
sightseeing that can be viewed at:

LBL is located about 2 hours from Nashville, TN and about 3.5 hours from St. Louis, Missouri and
Memphis, Tennessee.

For more info, please contact Chris Howey at

Qualifications: Radio telemetry skills are strongly desired. Ability to accurately collect data, and
strictly adhere to protocol, and work independently and in a group. Ability to hike 8-15 miles/day
in various weather conditions with about 15 pounds of gear. Ability to comfortably handle reptiles,
turtles, amphibians, and small mammals. Ability to learn how to identify reptiles, turtles,
amphibians, and small mammals. Ability to learn how to identify local flora. Basic knowledge of
GPS units and navigation using only a map and compass. Ability to live in rustic conditions.

Additional Requirements: Possess a valid drivers license and able to use their own vehicle for travel
on dirt roads. Possess good organizational skills. Ability to work in various weather conditions and
uneven terrain. Ability to maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor throughout long, tiring
days of field work. Previous experience using spherical crown densiometers, Daubenmire frames,
temperature-sensitive radio transmitters, and yagi antennas. Previous experience in handling,
measuring, and marking reptiles, turtles, amphibians, and small mammals.

For more information or to apply, please contact Chris Howey at

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