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25 de enero de 2011

Volunteers for Squirrel researching in Canada

Location: Sheep River Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Job Description:Columbian ground squirrels are alpine-dwelling rodents
that are important to the ecology of the Rocky Mountains. I am looking for
a motivated field assistant to help with my PhD study on maternal
investment in reproduction in these fascinating animals.

Assistants will learn fundamental field techniques, including
livetrapping, animal handling, ear-tagging, marking, weighing, record-
keeping, and daily visual observation. Assistants must have the ability
and desire to participate in field work in extreme weather conditions
(cold, rain, sleet, snow, etc).

Research assistants will live in the modest University of Calgary-owned
Kananaskis field station in Sheep River Provincial Park with other
scientists and graduate students from Canada, USA, and Europe. Commodities
are basic in the field so applicants must be able to handle these
conditions. I am looking for a hardworking, diligent, responsible, and
dedicated assistant.

The field season starts April 9 and runs until May 28. Priority will be
given to applicants who are available during this entire time period. One
assistant is needed.

Qualifications: Assistants must be (1) genuinely interested in behavioral
and physiological ecology; (2) speak fluent English; (3) be independently
motivated; (4) have a good work ethic. The ability to communicate well
with others, a desire to learn, and a positive attitude are a must.

To apply: please email a cover letter stating, briefly, how this position
would be beneficial for your career objectives and a resume to Amy Skibiel
at skibiam@auburn.edu

Salary: volunteer

Last Date to apply: March 5, 2010

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