Field assistants in evolutionary ecology of Great tits (Parus major) ~

16 de febrero de 2011

Field assistants in evolutionary ecology of Great tits (Parus major)

We are seeking highly motivated field assistants interested in taking
part in field studies in Bern, Switzerland. Applicants will be part
of the evolutionary ecology team (Institute of Ecology and Evolution,
University of Bern).

Our projects aim to investigate:
- Interactions of parasite and predator-induced maternal effects;
- The expression of carotenoids and sexual signals. and are all based in
Bern (Switzerland)

We will require field assistants that will help with all the aspects
of the work, including checking nests, ringing the birds, catching
adults, performing treatments, and more. Applicants with a Msc in
Biology/Ecology and/or with bird handling or field experience would have
an advantage. Motivation will play a key role; the work is hard and
demanding, takes place in changing weather and requires long hours at
times. One of the studies will start around the 15 of March 2011 until
the end of June 2011 and the other ones in the end of March/beginning of
April until the end of June. Fluent English, French or Italian speaking
and a valid European driving license are required.

Travel expenses will be paid and accomodation will be covered;
additionally, the field assistants will receive another salary per
month to cover the expenses.

Applicants can send us a letter + CV as
soon as possible and ask for further details or questions on the
following email addresses:

Alessandra Basso
Institute of Ecology and
University of Bern
Baltzerstr. 6
3012 Bern
E mail: ale84.
Phone: +41 31 631 30 18
Mobile: +41 78 696 11 19

Viviana Marri
E mail:
Phone: +41 31 631 30
Mobile: +41 76 798 33 81

Lea Maronde
E mail:

Phone: +41 31 631 30 20
Mobile: +41 78 798 20 06

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