Guarda Course ~

14 de febrero de 2011

Guarda Course

Dear Friends, Colleagues, former Guarda participants

It my pleasure to announce this years Guarda workshop in Evolutionary Biology for master and PhD students. The main aim of the course is to develop the skills to produce an independent research project in evolutionary biology.

The course takes place 18. - 25. June 2011 in the Swiss mountain village Guarda. Faculty includes Richard Lenski, Peter and Rosemary Grant, Sebastian Bonhoeffer and Dieter Ebert (organizer).

The course is intended for master (Diploma) students and early PhD students.

The web page with all the details can be found under:

Please communicate this information to interested students.

If you receive this email multiple times, please excuse me.

With best wishes,

dieter ebert

Dieter Ebert
Universität Basel, Zoologisches Institut,
Evolutionary Biology
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