Postdoc en el CNRS ~

15 de febrero de 2011

Postdoc en el CNRS

Post-doctoral Research Associate (22 months) in proteomic analysis at
the CNRS (Gif-sur-Yvette France)
The "Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique" (CNRS) is starting
a new program funded by the French National Research Agency "ANR",
called SexDro. The aim of the program is to study chemical signals
(pheromones and seminal peptides) involved in sexual reproduction
and their evolution. The project is coordinated by Dominique Joly
( ).

The postdoc will perform comparative proteomic analyses on the seminal
fluid of the species of the melanogaster subgroup. Work will be
carried out at the mass spectrometry lab of the « Institut de Chimie
des Substances Naturelles » of the « Centre de Recherches » at
Gif-sur-Yvette ( ) located at 30 km south
from Paris, 45 mn by suburban train.

The candidate will be in charge of the MS method development and
validation and of computational analysis of the data. He (she) will
use the data obtained by mass spectrometry using nano LC/MS/MS orbitrap
after the digestion of proteins separated by SDS-PAGE. Skills in protein
sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry will be a plus. The candidate
will use the protein or genomic sequence databases to identify proteins
of interest. In this context a good knowledge of genomic and proteomic
databases and their maintenance is required. Experience with label free
quantification techniques would be also appreciated.

The successful candidate will work in collaboration with both
evolutionary biologists and biochemists. Starting date will be flexible
but preferentially not after September 31st.

The net salary will be around 1900 euros per month, including social
security, depending on the applicant's experience.

Candidates should send the following information before March 31th 2011 :
- a detailed CV;
- a cover letter stating the research interests and experience
describing the qualifications for this position;
- two letters of recommendation;
- a list of publications with the pdfs of the most appropriate papers
regarding the position.

Please send these documents to both :
Dominique Joly Laboratoire Evolution,Génomes et Spéciation
and Jean Pierre LE CAER Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles

With my very best regards,

Dominique JOLY
Directrice-adjointe Laboratoire Evolution, Genomes et Speciation
Equipe Génétique Évolutive, Reproduction et Adaptation des Drosophiles (GÉRAD)
CNRS - UPR 9034 - bat 13
Avenue de la Terrasse
F-91198 Gif sur Yvette Cedex France
Tel: (33) 1 69 82 37 34
Fax: (33) 1 69 82 37 36

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