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10 de febrero de 2011

Voluntariado con aves en Samoa

Position Description:
We’re looking for one or two volunteer field assistants to help with
research on some endangered bird species in the forests of Samoa. Our
montane environment supports high endemic biodiversity and is very
beautiful. Our research aims primarily focus on the ecology of the
endangered Mao honeyeater but we collect data on all local bird species. We
are also interested in doing more conservation education and we would be
happy you if this is your interest.

Volunteers will work alongside experienced field biologists and local Samoan
conservation staff and will be involved in the following tasks:

1. Capturing birds using a variety of techniques such as mistnetting (both
low and high canopy) 2. Nest searches and monitoring 3. Mao monitoring via
transmitter backpacks. 4. Transect surveys 5. General data entry and
analysis or help with conservation education

We are looking for volunteer research assistants with the following experience:
1. A background in biology/zoology/ecology or related field and an interest
in the behaviour, ecology and conservation of birds.
2. Be physically fit, and capable of undertaking fieldwork and camping in a
mountainous environment in hot and basic temperatures.
3. Be capable of working well as part of a team with local people.
4. Be reliable, responsible and motivated when it comes to following
research protocols and methodologies, and an ability to work at unsociable
hours when necessary.
5. Relevant experience of the project’s field techniques particularly
mistnetting birds
6. An individual with experience driving a four wheel drive or who has
completed a 4X course would be useful


No salary is provided, although payment for contributing to certain elements
of our research project may be possible in the future. Therefore you will
need to cover your own food and accommodation costs in Apia. However
assistance will be given to find low cost accommodation and local food costs
are not high. All research equipment will be provided. Volunteer research
assistants will also be responsible for their own airfare and travel to
Samoa and medical/travel insurance. Food and accommodation in the field will
be provided.

You will have plenty of time off (in Samoa nobody works on Sundays) to be
able to see beautiful areas and species. Have really interesting cultural
experiences including learning to eat from the land (our field assistances
are amazing at this!). Enjoy the beaches and snorkelling and yet learn new
ecological techniques. Get to eat endless supplies of bananas.

The downside: Be prepared for mosquitos, leeches (they are small and dont
tend to attach), heat and rain, specialist food not being avalible (tricky
for veges particularly), ....a different culture (possibly a perk).

Duration of Appointment:
Positions are available from March or April 2011. We are looking for
volunteers who are able to commit for a minimum of 2 and a half months since
it takes to learn the ropes, although positions may be held for longer.

For more info, contact:

Application Procedure and Deadlines:
To apply, please submit a CV and covering letter to the project field
manager Rebecca (rstirnemann@gmail.com) outlining your suitability for the
role, relevant experience and duration and timing of your availability.
Please use "Volunteer bird field assistance for Samoan project" in the
subject line.

There is no specific deadline and applications will be accepted until
positions are filled. There is also the possibility of a shorter term
mistnetting course please indicate if you are unsuccessful if you would be
intersted in this. Date is not yet set.

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