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15 de marzo de 2011

Volunteer field assistant with sharks

Hello, everyone! My name is David Shiffman, and I'm a marine biology
graduate student in Charleston, SC.

I also work with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources coastal
shark survey. We need volunteers to come catch and tag sharks with us!

The sampling season will start in mid-May and will continue through August.
During the season, we will take 2 or 3 day trips each week (always on
weekdays), and we have room for one or two volunteers on most of these day

Volunteers will assist with all aspects of sampling, including baiting
hooks, pulling nets, etc. It can be extremely physical work. The sampling
boat is small and has no shade or bathroom.

The sampling boat leaves from Charleston, SC.

If you:
A) can get to Charleston, SC,
B) are over 18
C) do not get seasick (this is not the same as not knowing if you get
D) Can do physical labor

Then we'd love to have you.

We prefer if volunteers come on only one sampling trip, but we may be able
to work something out if you'd prefer to come on more than one.

Please e-mail me if you meet the requirements above and are interested in
volunteering, or if you have any questions for me.However, please do not
e-mail me just to say that "this sounds fun, but I can't make it". Last year
I received over 100 of those e-mails, and while I appreciate the enthusiasm,
it clogged my inbox. I welcome
e-mails from any potential volunteers.

David Shiffman

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