Botanical Research Assistant ~

31 de mayo de 2011

Botanical Research Assistant

June 22 - August 1st, 2011. 2 positions at $450/week or based on

Two positions are available to work on a study of changing forest structure
across a rainfall gradient. We are interested in the differences in
allocation of plants in fine roots, foliage, and woody biomass as rainfall
and nitrogen vary. With increasing resources belowground a plant might need
less investment to take it up, but also might need more investment to be a
strong competitor. We have explored these mechanisms theoretically
(Dybzinski et al 2011 AmNat and Farrior et al In Review) and experimentally
(Farrior et al in prep) and are now working on an observation of natural

As rainfall regimes change over large spatial scales, the job requires a lot
of travel by car. We will be working in 16 different forests in West
Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. Jobs include tagging
trees, measuring DBH, species identification, taking and processing fine
root and nitrogen samples. No experience with any of these tasks is
necessary. An ability to safely drive long distances is highly
desirable. Enthusiasm
for being in the field, sleeping in a tent, dealing with bugs, and driving
across the country is required. To apply, please send: a resume, a letter
describing your interest in the work, and contact information of two
references to Caroline Farrior ( Do not hesitate to
contact Caroline with any questions about the positions via email or phone

Caroline E. Farrior
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University

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