Symposium “Insect Flight”, 29-30th August 2011 ~

10 de mayo de 2011

Symposium “Insect Flight”, 29-30th August 2011

CAnMove Centre for Animal Movement Research
Lund University, Sweden

Animal flight has evolved only four times in history, in pterosaurs,
birds, bats and insects. To date, insects constitute a majority of the
world’s life forms, and flight appears to have contributed to this
inordinate evolutionary success story.

Because flight links a series of fundamental processes within both the
physical and biological sciences we aim to provide a plenum for scientists
from various fields (evolutionary ecology, morphology, physiology,
behaviour, biomechanics) to present insight into the different aspects
and implications of insect flight and to combine aspects from biology
and engineering to an integrated view on insect flight.

Information about CAnMove and the preliminary programme can be found at
our homepage:

Registration: Attendance of the symposium is free, if you want to attend,
please register by filling in our online-registration form. The deadline
for applications is July 15th

We especially encourage Ph.D. students to present and discuss their work
here. Should you have any questions regarding the symposium please do
not hesitate to contact Sophia Engel (

Local organisers: Sophia Engel, Erik Svensson and Anders Hedenström

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