PhD interactions plant-insect ~

30 de junio de 2011

PhD interactions plant-insect

I am seeking a student interested in studying the adaptations that
enable herbivorous insects to cope with the defenses mounted by their
host plants. In the lab we mostly focus on leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae)
as a study system but research need not be limited to this group. There
will be opportunities to work with high throughput sequencing,
proteomics and RNA interference to characterize the genes and gene
products that contribute to the insect's counter-defenses. A long term
aim of this research is to understand the degree to which herbivorous
insects are able to optimize their counter-defense strategies,
particularly when comparing species with generalist versus specialist
feeding habits.

Support is available in the form of a graduate assistantship that
provides a stipend, tuition and partial funding of health insurance. The
assistantship is open to individuals wishing to pursue a PhD. or Masters
degree. Priority will be given to candidates with prior research experience.

For more information or to apply, please send a CV and contact details
of at least two referees to:

Nick Miller

Department of Entomology
12BA Entomology Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

+1 402-472-6200

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