Doctoral Scholarships in Australia ~

5 de julio de 2011

Doctoral Scholarships in Australia

Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, University of Western Sydney,
Australia Advancing research on ecosystem function and environmental

The new Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE) offers
comprehensive state of the art field- and laboratory based facilities
for research from genes to ecosystems. Dedicated to answering crucial
questions about the impact of environmental change on terrestrial
ecosystems, the HIE's multidisciplinary research team is exploring how
these ecosystems and their components respond to changes in atmospheric
CO2 concentration, temperature, drought, land use, fire and biotic
invasion. HIE is located on the Richmond Campus, at the foot of the Blue
Mountains close to Sydney.

We are seeking excellent doctoral candidates to undertake research
within the areas of the HIE:
* Ecology, biodiversity, and sustainability of terrestrial ecosystems,
particularly forests, savannas and grasslands;
* Soil science and molecular microbial ecology including plant-microbe
interactions, soil biogeochemistry and ecological genomics;
* Plant-animal interactions, including vertebrate and insect ecology,
herbivory, multitrophic and symbiotic interactions;
* Ecology, physiology, biochemistry and genetics underpinning adaptation
of plants and insects to a changing environment.

Approaches will include laboratory, controlled environment and field-
based experiments as well as computer modelling and simulation in the
intersection of integrative physiology, genomics, ecology and evolution.
During the course of the project, you will have access to leading
International and Australian scientists for supervision, consultation
and advice. There is a possibility of the successful candidate spending
a period of time at collaborating Institutions overseas to further the
scope of their research training.

Criteria: The successful applicant should:
* demonstrate excellent academic performance related to the research
areas listed above;
* hold qualifications and experience equal to an Australian First Class
Bachelor Honours degree;
* be highly motivated to undertake further study at an advanced level;
* international applicants must also demonstrate a high level of
proficiency in the English language. Please refer to the
University's web site for information about English language
requirements at

What does the scholarship provide?
* Tax free stipend of $32,860 per annum and a funded place in the
doctoral degree. International candidates will receive a fee waiver;
* Funding is also available for project costs.

Need more information?
* Applicants should contact and discuss their research aspirations and
eligibility with potential supervisors in the Hawkesbury Institute prior to application.
* Contact the Research Training, Policy and Programs Officer to discuss
enrolment and scholarships: Ms Sandra Lawrence:

How to apply:
Submit an application form, research proposal and CV by
what to include in your research proposal can be found at
The application form can be downloaded from the web:

Dr Markus Riegler
Insect Symbiosis Lab
Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
University of Western Sydney
Locked Bag 1797
NSW 2751
office: +61-(0)2-4570 1229
fax: +61-(0)2-4570 1314

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