Phd in Hawaii/Stanford ~

10 de julio de 2011

Phd in Hawaii/Stanford

We seek a Ph.D. student to join an NSF-funded research team examining the
relationships between native forest fauna and introduced rodents in native
forests fragmented by lava flows (kipuka) on the Big Island of Hawaii. The
student will be trained in the graduate program at the Department of
Biology, Stanford University, with Dr. Tadashi Fukami
(, starting in fall 2012. As part of the
dissertation research, the student will participate in an ongoing project
investigating the role of omnivorous predators as drivers of food web
dynamics in mid-elevation forests near Hilo, HI. The study system contains a
set of naturally isolated forest patches of varying sizes along with plant,
bird, and arthropod communities dominated by native species. The research
has both theoretical and applied foci with the potential to make
contributions to the conservation of Hawaiian ecosystems. This research will
provide opportunities to work with Fukami as well as other collaborators,
including Dr. David Flaspohler at Michigan Technological University, Dr.
Christian Giardina at the USFS Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, and
Dr. Daniel Gruner at the University of Maryland. Specific questions and
organisms that the student will focus on are flexible and will be determined
by the student in consultation with the collaborators. Candidates should
have excellent quantitative and written and verbal communication skills and
a willingness to work in a rugged field environment. A Master's degree in
ecology or a related discipline or equivalent experience is desirable.
Interested candidates should e-mail a short letter summarizing their
research experience and interests, a CV (including GPA and GRE scores), and
contact information for two references to as soon as
possible (by November 1, 2011). Qualified candidates will be asked to apply
for the Stanford graduate program (application due: December 1, 2011).
Fukami will attend the ESA meeting in Austin, TX, and inquiries are welcome
in person in addition to email.

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