Postdoc en Australia ~

8 de julio de 2011

Postdoc en Australia

Is there pre-stomatal control of transpiration? An Australian Research
Council funded post-doctoral fellowship is available for study of leaf
gas exchange and stable isotope experiments relevant to canopy gas
exchange, agriculture, ecology and climate change. The team of Prof
Graham Farquhar, Dr Lucas Cernusak, Dr Chin Wong and Dr Hilary
Stuart-Williams at the Australian National University is examining
whether the air inside leaves is always moisture saturated. They seek
a post-doctoral scientist for three years. The successful applicant
will use a Picarro Tuned Diode Laser water isotope analyser together
with isotope ratio mass spectrometry and novel in-house gas exchange
apparatus to examine this question.
The closing date for applications is 4 August 2011.


Professor Graham Farquhar, FAA,FRS
Australian National University;

fax +61-2-6125-4919

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