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5 de agosto de 2011

4-Year PhD studentship:Geographical, ecological and genetic characterisation of perennial biomass grasses

Perennial grasses have a number of characteristics that make them
suitable as biomass crops. Environmental benefits include high
rates of soil carbon sequestration, soil stabilisation and enhanced
biodiversity. They naturally colonise marginal areas of land that often
impose severe restrictions on the growth of vegetation and as such are
considered poor quality for agriculture. The aim of this PhD project
is to collect, identify and characterise novel varieties of C3 grasses
(Dactylis glomerata, Festuca arundinacea and Phalaris arundinacea) and
the C4 genus Miscanthus. These show high and stable productivity and
require the minimum of additional inputs when grown on different forms of
marginal land. In particular it will study the geographical distribution
of perennial grasses of potential use for biomass production and undertake
pre-breeding of novel varieties. The PhD project is part of a larger
EU-funded collaborative research project called ¡GrassMargins¢ with
twelve partners from eight countries representing Northern, Central and
Western Europe and partners from Russia and China. Specific objectives
of the PhD project are to: 1) collect accessions of Phalaris, Miscanthus
and Dactylis in Europe, China and Russia (in all partner countries in the
proposal); 2) use geographical mapping and ecological niche modelling to
identify areas most suitable for the production of the target species
especially marginal land; and 3) investigate genetic diversity of
the novel accessions collected or assembled during the project for
pre-breeding applications.

The four-year studentship will be supervised by Dr Trevor Hodkinson,
Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Prof Mike Jones (TCD) and Dr Susanne Barth
(Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow). The studentship includes a stipend of
approximately ¤16,000 per annum and University fees of approximately
¤6,000 per annum. Non-EU applicants are charged additional fees.
It is anticipated that the project will start in October 2011, subject
to confirmation of project funding.

Applications are sought from suitably qualified candidates
(first class or upper second class honours degree or equivalent)
to undertake doctoral research at the University of Dublin, Trinity
College (www.tcd.ie/naturalscience). All applications must include the
following documents in one email: 1) A covering letter of motivation; 2)
a complete curriculum vitae; 3) certified copies of academic transcripts
if not a graduate of TCD; and 4) Evidence of proficiency in English.
The application deadline is August 21 2011, but the position will remain
open until filled. All applications for this studentship must be made
to Trevor.Hodkinson@tcd.ie and Mike.Jones@tcd.ie.

Dr Trevor Hodkinson
Senior Lecturer in Botany
Botany Building
School of Natural Sciences
Trinity College Dublin

Phone 00353 1 8961128
Fax 00353 1 8961147
email Trevor.Hodkinson@tcd.ie

Plant Ecology & Diversity http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/tped
2010 Impact factor: 2.05

Trevor Hodkinson

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