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3 de agosto de 2011

A PhD Position in the University of Tübingen, Germany

Effect of shared pollination on plant community structure –
a modeling approach
Many grassland plant species depend on generalist pollinators for
reproduction. Therefore, their fitness depends not only on their own
traits (e.g. attractiveness) but also on their neighbor's traits. Such
indirect effects range from negative to positive, i.e. neighbor presence
may decrease or increase the number of visiting pollinators. Because
pollinators take decisions at different spatial scales, effects may also
change with species density and spatial pattern.
As part of this project we are looking for an enthusiastic person who will
use theoretical considerations and the accumulated data from several field
works to create a series of models (simulation or analytic) which will
help us understand the system further. The focus of the models will mainly
be to study how pollination preferences and grassland initial composition
change the outcome of pollination services at the individual and community
levels. Although the focus of the work will be theoretical, there is also
the possibility to add field measurements and experiments to supply
information and validate the models. The position is part of a larger
project that studies the effect of shared pollinators on plant community
composition along productivity gradients using theoretical and empirical
Requirements: The candidate should have some experience in modeling,
preferably spatial explicit/grid based models. Analytical ability and high
motivation for independent work are desirable. Team spirit is extremely

The project is expected to start in October 2011 and will be funded for 30
months. However, the position will be opened till the right person is

For more information please contact Dr. Merav Seifan, Plant Ecology
department, Institute for Evolution and Ecology, Tübingen University.
+49-7071-2978814; Please add a short description of your interests and
relevant experience.

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