PhD position in Evolutionary Biology / Behavioural Ecology ~

27 de noviembre de 2011

PhD position in Evolutionary Biology / Behavioural Ecology

Fully funded PhD studentship starting October 2012

Sibling competition and indirect genetic effects: a systems-genetics analysis

Indirect genetic effects occur when  genes expressed in other individuals
affect the phenotype of a focal individual. These effects are particularly
important in sibling interactions and competition over maternal resources
but to date we know very little about how genetic variation in socially
interacting individuals affects fitness of a focal individual. To this end
we are conducting a large experiment in genetically fully characterized
mice collecting life history and behavioural phenotypes.

This is a largely computational project during which you will develop
systems-genetics approaches to establish networks of lower-order
phenotypes (e.g. physiological traits) and their underlying candidate
genes that together affect complex life history and behavioural phenotypes
in socially interacting individuals. Using DNA seq and gene expression
data derived from the largest genetic reference system in mammals,
BXD mice, you will be analyzing complex life history and behavioural
phenotypes to identify candidate genes, pleiotropic gene effects through
correlational analyses, and networks of functionally linked traits and
their underlying genetic variants. The aim is to build up networks of
genes, their effects and links to lower order phenotypes and how these
relate to variation seen in complex life history and behavioural traits.

Successful candidates are encouraged to develop their own research ideas
in conjunction with ongoing research in evolutionary biology. There is
also the opportunity to contribute to teaching on field courses in Africa,
South and Central America.

Further Information
This studentship is open to all nationalities although no funding
is available to cover the higher tuition fees for non-EU applicants
and EU applicants from outside in the UK must have been resident
in the UK for purposes other than education for 3 or more years
to qualify for the living expenses stipend. Applicants should
have an excellent undergraduate record and ideally some research
experience. Further information can be obtained by contacting Reinmar

How to Apply
Applications must be submitted online and accompanied
by a number of supporting documents as soon as
possible or contact

Reinmar Hager <>

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