Postdoc in Spain ~

30 de noviembre de 2011

Postdoc in Spain

A three year postdoctoral fellowship is available to investigate the
adaptive variation, environmental gradients and demography in
Mediterranean conifers. The study organisms will be Pinus pinaster,
Pinus halepensis and Taxus baccata. For this project, we are combining
different approaches to investigate the evolutionary response of these
conifers to selection: demographic dynamics, patterns of adaption at the
phenotypic and molecular levels, and modeling of the climatic niche.
More specifically, the candidate will be involved in assessing the
patterns of adaptation at the phenotypic and molecular levels by
identifying functional genes responsible for variation in phenotypic
traits and geographical-climatic clines of adaptive variation.

The successful candidate will have experience with population genetics
and genomics, especially with sequences and SNPs analysis. The candidate
should hold a Ph.D. in genetics or evolutionary biology, have an
excellent academic and publication record, and be a fluent
speaker/writer in English. We seek an individual who is enthusiastic,
highly motivated, and willing to work independently as well as with a team.

This project is a collaboration between the Center of Forest Research
(CIFOR) at the National Institute of Research and Agrarian and Food
Technology (INIA) in Madrid (, and the Center for Ecological
Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) at the Autonomous University
of Barcelona (, and the position will be jointly based
within these two Spanish research centers.

Closing date for application, January 15^th , 2012.

Applications (curriculum and cover letter, including a statement of
research interests and a brief overview of previous academic and
research experiences) as well as request for information should be sent
to: and

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