11 de noviembre de 2011


Volunteers field assistant are needed *from 10 March to 15 May 2012* for an
ongoing capture-recapture program on the Ruffs, *Philomachus pugnax. *The
project is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Theunis Piersma, head of the
Animal Ecology Group of the University of Groningen. Our current research
aims to better understand demographic and ecological processes playing a
role in the ongoing decline of the Ruff population using the Netherlands
during migratory stopovers. The fieldwork consists in the monitoring of
colour-banded birds in Southwest Friesland, a characteristic Dutch meadow
area in the north of The Netherlands. We collect data on the timing of
migration, habitat use, phenotype characteristics, feeding and reproductive
behaviour of the birds; but you will also assist with the banding of the
birds, blood sampling, and data entry. Volunteers and students involved
will live together in our field station in a small village along the shore
of Lake IJsselmeer.

We are seeking highly motivated people, happy to spend long days in the
field, social and able to work in a team. In the same time, interested
applicants should be independent, well organized and able to maintain a
professional attitude. Good observation skills, experience with handling
birds and colour-ring reading is definitely a plus. Commitment for the all
study period and a driver license are required but command of Dutch or
Frisian is not necessary ;-) Applicants willing to improve their spoken
English are encouraged to apply (this is an excellent opportunity to
improve!). But note that a good understanding is needed.

We provide housing and field equipment. Volunteers must pay own airfare and
food expenses (3-4 Euros per day). A refund of flight cost might be
possible (depending on pending grant applications).

*To apply*: Please send a resume/CV (keep it to relevant details), a cover
letter (interests, career goals, relevant experience for the position and
availability) and at least one reference.**

We will begin reviewing applications from 1th January 2012 and continue
until position is filled.

*Contact: *
PhD Student
Animal Ecology Group
Centre for Life Sciences
Nijenborgh 7
Office : +31 50 363 2091
For further info see:

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