International Behavioural Ecology Congress (ISBE 2012) ~

12 de diciembre de 2011

International Behavioural Ecology Congress (ISBE 2012)

The registration to the International Behavioural Ecology Congress
(ISBE 2012), to be held in Lund 12-17 August 2012 is now open for
registration. Contributions (talks, posters) can now be sent in until
the deadline on March 15 2012 through this link:

There is also an opportunity to send in suggestions for so-called
"Post-conference symposia", around more or less well-defined topics
related to behavioural ecology and related fields, which will take place
after the ISBE, on August 2012, as an independent event. Deadline for
suggestions for post-conference symposia is January 31 2012, and more
information can be found here:

General questions regarding ISBE 2012, including ackomodation issues,
costs of registration, child care facilities etc. can be found on the
conference website:


Erik Svensson

Erik Svensson
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