Postdoc in the ecology and evolution of host-symbiont interactions at CSIRO Canberra. ~

1 de diciembre de 2011

Postdoc in the ecology and evolution of host-symbiont interactions at CSIRO Canberra.

We invite applications for a three-year Post-Doctoral research position
to study mutualistic interactions between plants and soil symbionts.

This project will investigate the evolution of associations between plants
and soil mutualists (rhizobial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi). These
interactions take place within potentially complex networks composing
a diverse array of potential partners and competitors. Characterizing
these complex networks and identifying the biotic and environmental
factors that determine how they are assembled is an important step
towards understanding how effective mutualisms between plants and soil
microbe evolve and persist. This work will utilize interactions between
native Australian legumes and their associated soil symbionts. These
systems  provide an ideal model for testing hypotheses regarding how the
community composition and function of symbiotic organisms is shaped by
interactions with hosts, environmental heterogeneity (e.g. soil chemistry)
and spatial variation. The postdoctoral fellow will have access to a
recently developed and comprehensive host phylogeny (Acacia) to use as
a foundation to design a project investigating the role of evolutionary
history in structuring host symbiont interactions in an ecologically
important and widespread legume group.

Applicants must have, or will shortly obtain a PhD.  Ideally, the
candidates PhD or other past research will be in evolutionary biology
or ecology.  We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with deep
interests in community genetics and evolutionary ecology, as opposed to
someone with a specific laboratory skill set.

Interested individuals should apply for this position online at The
position includes generous remuneration and relocation allowances.

Informal inquiries regarding this position should be directed to Pete
Thrall (

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