Postgraduate PhD position in Animal Ecology - sexually antagonistic genetic variation ~

31 de enero de 2012

Postgraduate PhD position in Animal Ecology - sexually antagonistic genetic variation

at the Department of Ecology and Genetics, Evolutionary Biology Centre
(EBC) with a tentative starting date being May 1^st , 2012, or as soon
as possible after this date. The Evolutionary Biology Center hosts one
of the world's largest aggregations of evolutionary biologists, and is a
prime research environment for a wide range of fields in evolutionary
biology (see "" for more information). The working
atmosphere is very international with English as our operational
language. Our graduate school offers a creative and stimulating
environment and is very rich in seminars, courses and possibilities to
interact with other scholars and students (see
"") -- graduate students recently ranked
Uppsala University in first place among all institutions in Europe in
the subject of biology (CHE European ranking). Uppsala University is the
oldest university in Scandinavia and the city of Uppsala is a vibrant
student town with beautiful surroundings conveniently situated 35
minutes by train from Stockholm.

*Brief research outline: **Although males and females share much of the
same genome, selection can be distinct in the two sexes. Sexually
antagonistic loci are those loci where selection acts in opposing
directions in the two sexes. This PhD student position is aimed at
improving our emerging understanding of the **architecture of sexually
antagonistic genetic variation**. Insects (seed beetles and/or fruit
flies) will serve as main model systems and the research will primarily
employ quantitative genetic techniques. The research will establish a
series of discrete genotypes and use crosses between these to analyse,
describe and understand the architecture of sexually antagonistic
genetic variation. Traits in focus are sex specific measures of life
history traits (especially metabolism) and integrative traits such as
life-time fitness. ***

*This PhD *position forms a part of a new project on genetic conflict,
funded by the European Research Council and the Swedish Research
Council. The entire project will employ some 6-8 PhD students and
postdocs, apart from a full time TA and the PI, and will strongly
encourage interactions and collaborations within the group.

*Salary and appointment*: The duration of the PhD training period is
four full years. The successful candidate will receive a postgraduate
fellowship the first year (currently 15.500 SEK/month) and a
postgraduate position year 2-4 (currently 23.300 -- 26.400 SEK/month)
including full social benefits.

*Eligibility:*The successful candidate should have a relevant MSc degree
(or equivalent) in biology/ecology.

*Qualifications and merits*: We seek highly motivated candidates with a
documented and strong interest in evolutionary biology and/or
evolutionary genetics, preferably also with past experience of
quantitative genetic analyses and an understanding of life history
theory and sexual selection. Experience of laboratory work with insects
is a merit as is previous experience of scientific writing and
publishing. Because the holder of this position will collaborate and
interact closely with other members of the group, we will put emphasis
on both independence and ability to collaborate.The applicant is
expected to have a good knowledge (spoken and written) of the English

*To apply:*Applications should include (1) personal
information/background, (2) complete CV (3) a description of
undergraduate training, (4) an authorized copy of the undergraduate
degree and (5) the names and email addresses of three referees.
Applications should be sent either by regular mail to: Göran Arnqvist,
Animal Ecology, Dept. of Ecology and Genetics, Norbyv. 18D, University
of Uppsala, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden; or electronically as PDF files
via email to: *Closing date for applications
is March 20, 2012*.

*For further information*about the position, please contact the main
supervisor and PI of the group: Professor Göran Arnqvist (phone +46
18 471 2645, e-mail


Prof. Göran Arnqvist
Animal Ecology
Department of Ecology and Evolution
Evolutionary Biology Centre
University of Uppsala
Norbyvägen 18d
SE - 752 36 Uppsala

Phone: +46-(0)18-471 2645
Cell phone: +46-(0)70-2935032
Fax: +46-(0)18-471 6484
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