Field assistants in co-evolution of Asian cuckoos and passerine hosts in China and Hawaii ~

8 de febrero de 2012

Field assistants in co-evolution of Asian cuckoos and passerine hosts in China and Hawaii

We are looking for several field assistants to participate
our large-scale project about co-evolution of Asian cuckoos and
passerine hosts in China and Hawaii, USA, from April to June 2012
coordinated by Prof. Wei Liang from Hainan Normal University, China

The work will investigate egg recognition and clutch variation in several
host species of Asian cuckoos. The subprojects and working places include:

1) Plaintive cuckoo (Cacomantis merulinus), in Nonggang NR, Guangxi,
southwestern China (from early April to late June); 2) Large hawk-cuckoo
(Hierococcyx sparverioides) and Asian Emerald cuckoo (Chrysococcyx
maculatus), in Kuankuoshui NR, Guizhou, southwestern China; 3) common
cuckoo (Cuculus canorus), in Dongzhai NR, Henan, central China (April to
late June); 4) common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) in a reed habitat, Hebei
(May to late June); 5) common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) in Jilin, north
China (May to late June); 6) Red-billed Leiothrix (Leiothrix lutea),
a common cuckoo host and an introduced species in Hawaii (late April
to May).

We require field assistants to help in searching nests, mist-netting and
ringing birds, taking blood samples, model egg and dummy experiments and
egg spectrometer measurement. The subprojects in China will work with
Prof. Wei Liang and his PhD students from Hainan Normal University,
China. The subproject in Hawaii will work with Lijin Zeng, University
of California, Riverside, USA and Yang Liu, University of Bern,
Switzerland. We cannot cover travel expenses to the working place,
but all expenses in China or in Hawaii during field work (i.e. housing,
foods, and local travels, etc) will be covered.

The ideal candidate should have a strong interest in birds and animal
behavior, physically fit and is willing to work for long and irregular
time in the field. Previous experience of bird-handling is preferred,
but not necessary. We will offer basic trainings such as model egg and
dummy experiments, egg spectrometer measurement. The applicants should
speak English fluently and holding a driving license is expected.

The full application should include 1) a letter outlining your motivation
for this project, previous research experience and also specify
the subproject(s) that you prefer to work; 2) a CV. We appreciate
if applicants could provide a recommendation letter but it is not
compulsory. Please send your application in a single PDF file by email
to the following address:

Field work in China, Wei Liang, <>

Field work in Hawaii, Yang Liu, <>

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