Postdoc in primate behaviour ~

11 de febrero de 2012

Postdoc in primate behaviour

Hiring Organization:
Ewha Womans University

Position Description:
PRINCE (Primate Research Institute for Cognition and Ecology) at Ewha
Womans University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, is looking for a
postdoctoral primatologist to be appointed as research professor. One
position is available, two profiles will be considered for

1) Researcher specializing in primate cognition, preferably using
behavioral tasks in controlled experiments, with additional field
research experience with wild nonhuman primates. He/she would be given
opportunities to conduct his/her own cognitive behavioral research on
captive apes at the zoos in Korea as well as to supervise existing
student projects and manage all zoo-related issues. He/she should
advise students of the Primate Team with data analysis and paper
writing in addition to writing his/her own papers as much as possible.


2) Researcher specializing in primate field research, preferably
behavioral ecology of areas such as mating system, feeding behavior,
or communication, with additional interest in cognitive studies.
He/she would take responsibility in analyzing and writing scientific
papers with students related to an on-going project on gibbons in
Indonesia. Duties related to the management of the field site are not
included in this position. He/she should advise and guide students of
the Primate Team including those conducting cognitive studies with
captive apes at the zoo. Some supervision duties related to the
project is required.

Producing as many papers as possible is critically important for the
evaluation of the project. Other daily duties are subject to
discussion and no formal teaching is required.

Anyone interested in this position is encouraged to send a letter of
intent, CV, and a few representative publications to Mr. Sanha Kim
( and/or Ms. Sunyoung Ahn (

PRINCE is directed by Jae Choe, a Harvard-trained behavioral ecologist
and chair professor of EcoScience at Ewha Womans University. He also
runs the Laboratory of Behavior and Ecology in cooperation with
Yikweon Jang who is specialized in animal communication. In addition
to primate researches, they study the ecology and behavior of magpies,
social behavior and genetic systems of ants, and acoustic
communication of crickets and frogs.

Applicants should have a doctoral degree in psychology, cognitive
sciences, behavioral ecology, evolutionary biology, or other relevant

The yearly salary is set at 40 million Korean won (approximately
$35,000 according to the current exchange rate).

Term of Appointment:
The initial term is set for the six months starting 1 April 2012 but
is renewable for another year or two.

Application Deadline:
Applications will be considered as they are received.

Contact Information:
Mr. Sanha Kim
Seodaemun-gu Daehyun-dong 11-1
Seoul 120-750

E-mail Address:

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