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3 de febrero de 2012

Specialty plant/field botany courses

Earthquest Biological Field School
Proudly presents the 2012 schedule for Level 3 FBT specialty plant/field botany courses. We've specialized in vascular plant field courses tailored toward the needs and issues experienced by environmental practioners, environmental consultants, planners, restoration ecologists and other related disciplines. Since 2004 we have trained over 400 practioners and professionals from Conservation Authorities, provincial and federal government agencies, consulting firms, students and educators. Learn how to quickly and efficiently field identify vascular plants to family level (Level 1 FBT plant courses), genus (Level 2 FBT plant courses) and species (Level 3 FBT plant specialty courses) in compliance with the principles and concepts of Ecological Land Classification (ELC), Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES), Environmental Assessments, Natural Heritage Impact Studies, vegetation/floristic surveys, restoration plans, Environmental Impact Statements, etc.
The Senior Instructor for this course is Dave Jolly, a 20+ year vetran of field botany who has conducted numerous ELC/OWES field investigations in Ontario. He has also led international research/conservation expeditions to Central and South America as well as southeast Asia in search of plants. Dave teaches his plant certification courses based on visual cues and characteristics exhibited by plant families, genera and species. By learning the family traits, for example, you would be able to apply them to all other plant families around the world. Genera traits focus more in regional characterisitcs within the 5 forest regions of Ontario, while species traits are specific to the plants found within Ecoregions (ie. Carolinian and Mixed deciduous forest regions of Ontario). Courses are typically taught over weekend schedules (Sat./Sun.) to allow participants to fit them into their busy field agendas during the week. We could also customize courses to fit your needs/schedule.
Two new field botany courses have been added for 2012; Level 3 FBT Ferns of Ontario and Level 3 FBT Asters & Goldenrods of Ontario. Most courses have field manuals/books (with numerous colour photos of twigs, fruits, leaves, flowers, during spring, winter, summer, fall) which supplement/compliment the learning curve while immersed in these intensive 2 day field courses. Courses cost $800.00 + HST = $904.00 + books, but if you find a friend you receive a discount. There is also an early bird discount available for those who register before the registration deadline. Participants receive a CD with over 7000 colour photos of vascular plants broken down by family, genus and species common names + course material (downloaded as PDF files from our website) for the course fee.
To learn more about these courses plus the Level 1 and 2 FBT plant courses please consult; www.wix.com/earthquestcanada/plant-courses and click on the Level 3 course reservations button, or contact us directly at; earthquestcanada@yahoo.com and request a registration package and/or a list of graduates + their contact info, who have taken courses.
Dave Jolly, B.Sc.,
Senior Instructor
EARTHQUEST Biological Field School

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