REU opps in Jornada Basin ~

24 de abril de 2012

REU opps in Jornada Basin

The Jornada Basin LTER has openings for 1-2 motivated students under the NSF
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Undergraduate
researchers will contribute to the implementation of a new cross-scale
interactions experiment at the LTER, and their efforts will play a key role
in enhancing our understanding of the ecological patterns and processes
governing shrub encroachment and grassland remediation in the Chihuahuan

The students will work with Dr. Finn Pillsbury from New Mexico State
University and the JRN LTER, assisting in the installation of experimental
manipulations and collection of field data on various biotic and abiotic
properties, including dust deposition, belowground gas exchange, and
vegetation structure. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to
develop an independent research project and gain experience collecting data
from numerous sources, including remote sensing, field measurements, and
automated sensors. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the
development of a large, long-term ecological experiment that covers multiple
disciplines, focuses on multiple spatial scales, and has the involvement of
investigators from a number of institutions.

A stipend and housing at the LTER site are provided. The positions run from
mid-May to mid-August, but start and end dates are flexible. To be eligible,
you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident working toward a bachelor’s

To apply, please submit a letter of interest and a CV with contact
information for two references to Dr. Finn Pillsbury,
Positions will remain open until filled.

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