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29 de abril de 2012

Tenured profesorship in Austria

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, invites
application for a tenured professorship in "Integrative Biodiversity
Research with special emphasis on molecular methods". This position is
assigned to the Institute of Integrative Nature Conservation Research
at the Department of Integrative Biology and Biodiversity Research.
The professorship involves commitment to Biodiversity research
alongside with the development and use of latest state-of-the-art
laboratory techniques for the collection of data on
population-genetics and biodiversity. Research should focus on
molecular biodiversity and support applications to in-situ and ex-situ
conservation, including, in particular, molecular analysis of the
diversity of species, phenotypes and population biology. Expertise in
this area is expected to enable and instigate research on the
interaction of man, land use, organisms and populations.

A critical consideration will be the extent to which the candidate has
a collaborative orientation and is able to contribute to
interdisciplinary research in the scientific network of our
university, particularly with the Institute of Botany.
Teaching duties involve:
- lectures and field courses for students of "Agricultural Sciences"
and "Environmental and Bio-resource Management",
- teaching in vegetation science, plant systematics and ecology, and
biodiversity research,
- supervising bachelor and master theses,
- supervising and mentoring doctoral dissertations,
- organizing and mentoring seminar papers, as well as the active
participation in the development of curricula is expected, notably in
questions of adequate positioning of the research field.

An important further duty will consist in assuming responsibilities at
various levels of the university administration and in the active
participation in the work of academic committees.
Prerequisites required for successful candidates are:
- Venia docendi (Habilitation) or an equivalent scientific qualification,
- above-average experience in the acquisition and management of
competitive research projects,
- publications in high-ranking international scientific journals,
- teaching skills and proven teaching experience - including mentoring
young scientists,
- ability for cooperative teaching and research (also on an
international level), as well as for interdisciplinary dialogues among
natural sciences and related disciplines,
- management competence and leadership qualities, communication and
team skills, aptitude for the handling of public relations,
- willingness to participate in all activities started to further the
development of the department and the university, willingness to
assume academic responsibilities,
- willingness to act as a member of national and international
scientific advisory boards and institutions.

Applications (six copies) should be sent to the Rector of the
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna,
Peter-Jordan-Straße 70, 1190 Wien, Austria, no later than 20th May
2012 (date of postmark).
The application should include:
- a curriculum vitae with a detailed account of professional, teaching
and research activities,
- a list of publications (refereed and non-refereed), talks and projects,
- copies of five recent publications considered particularly representative,
- a broad concept for research and teaching describing the envisaged focus,
- a brief analysis (max. 1 page) of why you think you are particularly
qualified for this position.

By applying, you imply your consent to co-operation with a personnel
consultancy within the framework of the selection procedure.
The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, strives
to increase the proportion of women in its employment and particularly
invites qualified women to apply. In the case of equal qualification
and in the absence of any other outweighing factors, female candidates
will be preferred.
Regarding to the collective agreement for employees of universities
the position is classified as A1. The minimum monthly gross salary of
4.571,20 Euro (14 times per annum) will be overpayed.


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