CASE(Industry/Academia)-funded Ph.D. studentship in Staphylococcus genomics and evolution ~

16 de mayo de 2012

CASE(Industry/Academia)-funded Ph.D. studentship in Staphylococcus genomics and evolution


Research will be conducted under the direct supervision of Dr Samuel
K. Sheppard, and based in the Department of Medical Microbiology and
Infectious Diseases at the College of Medicine of Swansea University
(Wales, United Kingdom). Additionaly sampling and research will be
conducted in collaboration with an industrial partner co-funding this

Project description:

The successful applicant will join a multidisciplinary group focusing on
population biology and evolution of bacterial pathogens of public health
importance. They will investigate the genetic basis and ecology of niche
adaptation in Staphylococcus sp. by explaining the factors involved
in generating and maintaining genotypic and phenotypic diversity in
isolates associated with poultry and human disease. Specifically, we will
address questions about the transmission route of pathogenic S. aureus
between agricultural and human hosts, and the various evolutionary
bottlenecks associated with it. Comparative genomics and functional
characterisation approaches will examine the genetic structuring within
pathogenic populations and answer fundamental questions about how genetic
variation and genome plasticity influence adaptation and the evolution of
pathogenicity. They will be responsible for sampling isolates from chicken
production sites (in collaboration with an industrial partner), culturing
isolates, extracting DNA for genetic characterisation, analysing genomic
data and carrying molecular and functional characterisation in the lab.


Enthusiasm and practical experience in microbiology, molecular techniques
(PCR, sequencing) and computer based genetic analysis, is necessary but
training and support will be provided to strengthen these areas. The
successful candidate will be highly motivated, creative, independent and
have a good degree in molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics,
genetics or ecology. Previous experience in a molecular biology laboratory
or in bioinformatics research is also strongly desirable. Good English
writing and oral skills are essential.


- The duration of a studentship is 3 years (2012-2015).
- The position is open until filled, but a preferred deadline for
 application is 31st August, to allow for registration to start in the
 Fall semester.
- Salary will be commensurate with regular UK postgraduate stipends,
 i.e. approx. £14,000 (€17,500) per annum, tax-free.
- Please contact Samuel Sheppard ( for
 informal inquiries or applications (please attach CV and describe
- More details available on our group website:

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