Cool MSc Projects ~

20 de mayo de 2012

Cool MSc Projects

Clever Dog Lab Vienna
Interested in MSc projects?

Diploma and master projects are now available in the Clever Dog Lab (Comparative Cognition, Messerli Research Institute, Vetmeduni Vienna)

They will be part of two large, international projects, funded by the WWTF:
Project 1: Like me: The evolutionary and neuro- cognitive basis of the link between imitation, empathy and prosocial behaviour in dogs and humans
Supervisor: Prof. Ludwig Huber

Project 2: The semantics of talking with the eyes and gestures: The hormonal and cognitive underpinnings of comprehending co-operative intentional communication in domestic dogs and wolves
Supervisor: Dr. Zsófia Virányi

Acceptance will be based on proved experience in animal behavior, cognition and physiology

Application: Please send CV and letter of motivation by 31 May 2012 to Mag. Karin Bayer (, from whom further details including a list of topics are available

Interviews in June 2012; start immediately thereafter

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