EU initial training network INTERCROSSING: PhD Position in Theoretical Population Genetics at the University of Vienna ~

11 de junio de 2012

EU initial training network INTERCROSSING: PhD Position in Theoretical Population Genetics at the University of Vienna

The mathematics and biosciences group (MaBS, homepage led by
Joachim Hermisson at the University of Vienna is looking for a strong and
highly motivated candidate for a PhD position in evolutionary modeling and
statistical data analysis.

Project: * Genetics of Hybrid Zones and Introgression *

Hybrid zones are a fascinating study object from a population genetics
perspective since they provide us prime examples of "evolution in action".
As the two "species" that meet at a hybrid zone are not yet fully
separated, several questions arise: Is a narrow hybrid zone is a natural
first step towards full speciation? If so, how do the barriers to
gene-flow build up along the chromosome? And how long does this take? Is
there a lasting potential for adaptive gene-flow through these barriers --
and could adaptive gene-flow inhibit speciation? Finally, can we detect
"footprints" of these processes in DNA sequence variation?

In this project, we address these questions with a combination of
analytical and statistical modeling, and application of these models to
next-generation DNA polymorphism data. The core work of the Vienna PhD
student will be the development of models and methods. The project is a
collaboration with the Natural History Museum London. At the NHM, data
from about 400 populations from a bluebell hybrid zone across Spain has
been collected. The analysis of these data will be a joint endeavor. To
this end, a six-month placement of the PhD student in London is part of
the project.

INTERCROSSING: We are an EU funded excellence program for early career
training and research. Further information can be found here:

Research environment: Vienna is not only one of the world's most liveable
cities, but also offers an excellent research environment and is currently
developing into one of the main centers in evolutionary research in
Europe. The position will be located at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories,
part of the Vienna Biocenter Campus, which houses a vibrant community of
researchers from several institutes.  As a member of the MaBS group, the
student will also interact with Magnus Nordborg and members of his group,
and will be part of a larger community of evolutionary biologists and
population geneticists through the activities of the Vienna Graduate
School for Population Genetics ( and
EvolVienna (

Conditions: The position is for three years, salary is according to the
(very generous) EU rates. The starting date is October 2012 (with some

Application: We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in
quantitative methods (analytical or computational modeling or data
analysis) and interest in evolutionary research. Applicants should have a
Master / Diploma degree in natural science (e.g. biology or physics),
mathematics, or bioinformatics. Programming skills are highly appreciated.
The working language in the group is English. German skills are not

All formal applications run through the INTERCROSSING Webpage. The
application deadline is July 5th 2012. The application form is here:

For informal inquiries and further information, interested candidates are
encouraged to contact Joachim Hermisson
before submitting a formal application. In this case, please send a brief
statement of interest and CV.

Joachim Hermisson
Professor for Mathematics and Biosciences
University of Vienna
Department for Mathematics
Nordbergstr. 15, 1090 Vienna, Austria
and Max F.Perutz Laboratories
Dr.-Bohrgasse 9, 1030 Vienna, Austria
phone:             +43 (0) 1 4277 50648    

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