Graduate Assistantship available in Plant Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Biology ~

22 de julio de 2012

Graduate Assistantship available in Plant Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Biology


My lab is broadly interested in the evolution and conservation of plants,
often focusing on plant hybridization and mating patterns. My research
program broadly aims to understand the evolutionary consequences of global
climate change, species invasions, and species rarity. More specifically,
I study (1) the mechanisms regulating genetic diversity, phenotypic
evolution, and population demography in rare and invasive plants and (2)
how evolutionary processes (hybridization, adaptation) and properties
(mating systems, genetic diversity) affect the ecological function of
plant populations (e.g., reproduction, extinction). As such, my research
touches on a variety of sub-disciplines, including conservation biology,
agricultural ecology, and population dynamics using a combination of
field, greenhouse, and eco-informatic approaches. Students are expected to
develop their own independent projects but will also have opportunities to
collaborate on funded investigations of hybridization, plant evolution,
and ecological conservation in North American agricultural and natural
plant ecosystems.

Ryerson's Chemistry and Biology department program boasts an exceptionally
active and growing faculty. Areas of emphasis include environmental
and molecular biology.  Year-round financial support is available for
graduate students. Toronto is an exceptionally diverse community and a
wonderful place to live.

I am accepting applications from prospective MSc or PhD students to start
a graduate program in January 2013. If you are interested, please email
me ( a statement of your research interests
with your CV and the names and email addresses of at least 2 references.

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