PhD in population genomics (Sweden) ~

27 de julio de 2012

PhD in population genomics (Sweden)

Umeå Plant Science Centre is looking to fill a PhD student position in
the population genomics of forest trees. The project involves the
assessment of diversity and connectivity of spruce stands, pristine
and managed, exotic and native, through Genotyping By Sequencing (GBS)
and other high-throughput approaches. The chosen candidate will by co-
advised by Stacey Lee Thompson and Nathaniel Street, and will
collaborate broadly with numerous research groups at UPSC (e.g. Pär
Ingvarsson, Stefan Jansson, Rosario García-Gil), Skogforsk and our
industrial partner Bergvik Skog. This project utilizes the resources
generated by The Spruce Genome Project, ongoing here in Umeå (

How do different reforestation methods impact genomic variation within
spruce stands? Clear­cut and continuous cover forestry are contrasting
natural resource management practices that have been broadly employed
through Sweden for hundreds of years. Although each practice has
different theoretical expectations for resulting diversity (e.g.
allelic richness, relatedness, age structure, spatial dynamics),
little is known about realized patterns within the reforested spruce
stands of Sweden. This project will fill this knowledge-gap by using
high-throughput genotyping and next generation sequencing to profile
genomic diversity within forest stands under contrasting management
and silvicultural practices, including the use of exotic provenances.
Comparisons will be made with pristine forest sites, as well as with
island populations of different ages and sizes that have recently
uplifted from the Baltic and been colonized by spruce. Site selection
will be done in collaboration with our industrial partner, Bergvik
Skog, with additional contributions from Skogforsk.

The chosen candidate will perform top-tier research and be
exceptionally mentored as a member of the Industrial Research School
in Forest Genetics, Biotechnology and Breeding.
UPSC is a centre of Excellence for Plant and Forest Biology and
Biotechnology, located in northern Sweden. Our ca. 200 employees
(including about 40 faculty members) perform world-leading research
and have access to outstanding infrastructure with many shared
resources and platforms, including advanced facilities for growing,
transforming and manipulating our main model systems. UPSC has been
ranked as one of the top places in the world for doctoral studies.
About half of our staff are non-Swedes, and the composition of
employed staff and students at UPSC is highly dynamic, representing on
average 36 nationalities.

Knowledge of population genetics, evolutionary analyses, molecular
methods and bioinformatics is highly desirable. Experience with
fieldwork is an asset, but not a requirement. The successful applicant
should possess creativity, autonomy and a dedicated team spirit. The
working language of UPSC is English and thus high competencies are

A full application consists of cover letter, your CV, certificates
from higher education, copies of Bachelors/Masters thesis, a written
description of your research interests, a written statement about why
you are interested in the project, and contact information for three
referees.  The "official" application instructions should be up on the
Umeå University website on 8 August (after staff holidays), with an
application deadline of 31 August.  Your complete application, marked
with reference number 313-663-12, should be sent to (state
the reference number as subject) or to the Registrar, Umeå University,
SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden to arrive August 31, 2012 at the latest.

For more information about the position, contact Stacey Lee Thompson
  or Nathaniel Street

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