PhD in virology (Spain) ~

28 de julio de 2012

PhD in virology (Spain)

A PhD position is available to work on a project aimed at studying
the processes by which new viral variants are generated. This is a
long-standing goal in the research areas of virology and evolution,
as knowledge on this topic is central to understand the emergence of
new viral diseases.

The project combines molecular biology techniques and bioinformatic
approaches for the analysis of the role of host adaptation, geographic
barriers and other ecological factors in the emergence of new viral
variants using a plant virus as a model organism.  The information
gathered will be used to build a predictive model for virus emergence.

The successful candidate will receive a multidisciplinary training,
from molecular biology techniques to informatics modelling methods,
performing his/her work in a group with a large experience in the study
of plant virus evolution.

Period: Four years, starting October 1st 2012.

Conditions: Contract conditions will be equivalent to those of the
Spanish ‚Formacion de Personal Investigador (FPI)‚ Spanish Programme.

Requisites: Experience in molecular virology or/and bioinformatics are not
mandatory, but will be valued. Master degree will be also highly valued.


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