PhD Research Assistantship in Terrestrial Food Web Ecology ~

18 de julio de 2012

PhD Research Assistantship in Terrestrial Food Web Ecology

University of Wisconsin - Madison

We are looking for a motivated student interested in pursuing a PhD at the
UW-Madison as part of the Gratton Lab studying the interactions between
aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.  This work takes place at a biologically
rich and scenic area in northeast Iceland, centered on Lake Myvatn.  An
ideal candidate needs to have a solid background in biology or ecology, have
some prior research or field experience, and be able work in Iceland for
summer field work.  Candidates should have interests in arthropod food web
ecology, community ecology, aquatic-terrestrial linkages, linkages between
below- and above-ground food webs and/or the role of arthropods in ecosystem

For more information on this project visit the links below.

This research is part of a broad collaborative effort including Claudio
Gratton (Entomology), Tony Ives (Zoology), Randy Jackson (Agronomy), Phil
Townsend (Forestry and Wildlife Ecology), and Jake Vander Zanden (Center for
Limnology/Zoology) at the University of Wisconsin.  Students will be
applying through the Zoology program.  Graduate support would include a mix
of research and teaching assistantships.

To apply, please complete this cover sheet and send this with a cover letter
outlining research interests, prior experiences and why you want to go to
graduate school and join our group, CV, and names of 3 references as a
single pdf file to Claudio Gratton (  Deadline: 1 October

If you are planning on attending the 2012 Ecological Society Meeting in
Portland, OR, we can try to schedule a meeting there.

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