Postdoc and PhD in Disease Ecology ~

4 de agosto de 2012

Postdoc and PhD in Disease Ecology

Project summary: In the western Great Plains Wheat streak mosaic virus
(WSMV), Wheat mosaic virus (WMoV), and Triticum mosaic virus (TriMV) are
serious diseases of winter wheat transmitted by the same mite vector, the
wheat curl mite.  Management of these mite-transmitted diseases relies
upon understanding abiotic and biotic factors that drive survival and
spread of the vector and pathogen as there are no chemical controls
options and multiple non-crop species can serve as reservoirs for
vector/virus.  Although managing green bridge hosts and planting dates are
important tools to mitigate disease risk, the effect of environmental and
biological variables on mite and virus population dynamics is inadequately
understood; negatively impacting the potential for successful
incorporation of these management tools.

We are recruiting candidates for one PhD and one Post-Doctoral position to
quantify risk of disease incidence and severity factors across the
biological and environmental variability seen in the Great Plains.
Results will improve our understanding on the factors conditioning the
spread and impact of vector-transmitted cereal viruses as well as
approaches to mitigate them.

Location: Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.  MSU is one of the
top mid-sized research institutions located in the heart of the Big Sky
country.  Bozeman was ranked 5th on Outside magazine’s “40 Best College
Towns” and the surrounding area offers access to Yellowstone NP and some
of the best fly-fishing, hiking, rafting, and skiing in America.  For more
details visit

Application.  Successful candidates will be members of a vibrant,
interdisciplinary team of researchers on plant pathology and agro-
ecology.  Candidates must hold an appropriate degree in ecology,
agroecology, or plant pathology.  Excellent work ethic, team player, and
proficiency in English language (written and oral) are required. Submit 1)
Name of the position to which you are applying, 2) Letter of application
describing career goals and research interests, 3) Resume, transcripts,
and 4) Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of three
references. GRE and TOEFL scores (if required) are mandatory.

Electronic applications are accepted.  Applications should be sent to:
Dr. Fabian Menalled. (406) 994-4783

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