Postdoc offers in Germany ~

25 de agosto de 2012

Postdoc offers in Germany


Two thematic Parmenides fellowships are open in the Parmenides Center for
the Conceptual Foundations of Science (Münich, Germany) under the
supervision of Prof. Eörs Szathmáry.

Successful candidates will carry out their own research agenda in the
fields described below. The positions are for a minimum of 1 year to a
maximum of 3 years. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of 2500
EUR per month (net).The proposed projects can start as soon as a suitable
candidate is identified, but not later than the 15th October, 2012.

Origin of life: Theory of the emergence and development of the RNA world.
The major evolutionary transitions, of which at least the first 3 is bound
to this period in the evolution of life on Earth, should be in the focus of
the proposed research project.

Replicator evolution in the brain: Population biology of replicators as
proposed in Darwinian neurodynamics, with special emphasis on the
application to Fluid Construction Grammar.

We seek applicants with an interest in theoretical evolutionary biology
and experience in using a range of computational, bioinformatic and
mathematical techniques to answer evolutionary questions. Furthermore,
candidates should have a few years of postdoctoral experience, a track
record in publishing in international scholarly journals and fluency
in English.

Candidates interested in either of the positions should submit an
application consisting of a CV with full list of publications, a motivation
letter (1 page) and a detailed workplan (max 5 pages).
The deadline for applications is 14th, September, 2012. Applications should
be sent by email to Eörs Szathmáry,

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