Postdoc position in Plant Evolutionary Genetics ~

4 de agosto de 2012

Postdoc position in Plant Evolutionary Genetics

Postdoc position in Plant Evolutionary Genetics at Newcastle University,
UK.  We are looking for an enthusiastic postdoc for a 3-year NERC-funded
research project entitled: 'Inter-genomic conflict in gynodioecy and
its effects on molecular evolution of mitochondrial genomes in the
genus Plantago'.

The applicant will be based in Kirsten Wolff's group in the School
of Biology, Newcastle University, and will collaborate closely with
Deborah Charlesworth's group at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology,
University of Edinburgh, where an additional postdoc will be part of
the same project.

This project will use molecular evolutionary approaches to investigate
the maintenance of cytonuclear polymorphisms in gynodioecious plants
in the genus Plantago, to test whether an 'arms race' situation
prevails, versus long-term balancing selection. In the project we
will be obtaining and analysing DNA sequences of multiple nuclear
and mitochondrial genes, to compare diversity, and test for long-term
balancing selection. Non-gynodioecious species will be studied, as well as
gynodioecious ones, to provide outgroups for sequence analyses and to test
whether the high diversity expected under long-term balancing selection
is confined to the gynodioecious species. The project also includes
testing for paternal inheritance/leakage by testing for heteroplasmy in
natural populations of P. lanceolata, using analyses of mitochondrial
DNA sequence haplotypes and studies of offspring of reciprocal crosses
to assess the possibility that within-species polymorphism could explain
the highly elevated mutation rates estimated in Plantago lineages.

The work will be divided between Edinburgh and Newcastle. For example,
the Edinburgh group will concentrate on the nuclear genes, while the
Newcastle group will obtain the mitochondrial genes, while other work
is shared. Field work and greenhouse work will predominantly be done by
the Newcastle postdoc.

Applicants must have completed their PhD before starting the position.
Applicants should have some experience with molecular genetic techniques,
and an interest in population genetics.

Further information can be obtained through vacancy information available
on the Newcastle University web site, reference number D1082R. On the
web site use this reference number in
your vacancy search and when applying for the job.

Applications must be submitted through this electronic system. The
closing date is: 31st August. Short listing will take place in the week
of 3rd September and interviews are planned for the end of the week of
10th September.

The start date is 1 October 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter.

For informal enquiries contact Kirsten Wolff by email at<> or by phone on
0191 222 5626 or 0191 246 4852 (note that Kirsten will be absent from
9th August)

Dr Kirsten Wolff
Reader in Evolutionary Genetics
Newcastle University, School of Biology
Ridley Building, room 573 and Devonshire Building 5th floor
Newcastle NE1 7RU, UK
Phone: 0191 222 5626/0191 246 4852

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