Postdoctoral fellowship in vertebrate evolutionary biology ~

17 de agosto de 2012

Postdoctoral fellowship in vertebrate evolutionary biology

A position is available within the vertebrate palaeobiology group
which is led by Dr M Friedman. The post is funded by a NERC standard
grant and is for 3 years, and will be led by Dr Friedman in
coordination with Dr Z Johanson (The Natural History Museum, London),
with project partners Prof T Near (Yale) and Dr M Brazeau (NCB
Naturalis). The postdoctoral Research Assistant will focus on the
impact of palaeontological data on inferences concerning the rate and
mode of morphological evolution during a putative adaptive radiation;
contrasts between evolutionary rate as a function of environment
(freshwater versus marine); and probabilistic approaches to generating
empirically informed priors for molecular clock analysis.
Carangimorphs, a morphologically diverse assemblage of teleost fishes
with an excellent fossil record, will be used as a model system.

For informal enquiries about the project, please contact Matt
Friedman, email:

Applicants require a PhD in the biological or earth sciences and
should have experience in evolutionary biology, palaeontology or
comparative anatomy. You should have current and relevant analytical
skills, as well as experience in phylogenetic comparative methods,
phylogenetic inference using morphological and/or molecular data,
computer programming and a demonstrated record of research and

The successful applicant will have an option to engage in teaching.
This may include lectures and small-group teaching of undergraduates
and graduate students. There is also scope for the PDRA to supervise
Masters projects.

The post is fixed-term for 3 years.

The deadline for applications is midday on Friday 14 September 2012.

Full application details can be found at:

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