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26 de octubre de 2012

2 PhD Students in Plant Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Plant Physiology

The Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) invites applications by highly motivated candidates to fill the positions of two

PhD Students in Plant Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Plant Physiology

The positions are available in the department of Molecular Signal Processing (Director: Prof. Steffen Abel).

The project focuses on the characterization of Arabidopsis IQD1, founding member of a novel class of plant-specific calmodulin-target proteins with 33 members in Arabidopsis. IQD1 stimulates the synthesis of defense-related metabolites, and resistance against herbivory. Our preliminary data implicate other IQDs in the regulation of plant development and stress response. IQD proteins are diverse, interact with CaMs/CMLs, are frequently phosphorylated and localize to the cell nucleus and to microtubules. Within the project we aim to study IQD1 structure-function relationships with CaMs and additional interactors, identify and characterize interacting proteins, and elucidate the physiological role of IQD1 in defense response pathways. The project will involve molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cell biology.

We are looking for enthusiastic PhD students with strong interests in plant biology and biochemistry. Applicants should have a MSc or equivalent degree in biology or biochemistry and a strong background in basic molecular biology or biochemistry. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required.

The Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry offers an international research environment with state of the art facilities. For further information, check our websites:
http://www.ipb-halle.de/en/research/molecular-signal-processing/research/nutrient-sensing/ http://www.ipb-halle.de/en/

Please send your application including CV, statement of research interests, names and e-mail addresses of 2 referees to: bewerbungen@ipb-halle.de
Please refer to application code 19/2012.



Leibniz-Institu fĂĽr Pflanzenbiochemie

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Abel

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