Postdoc in evolutionary biology (France) ~

8 de octubre de 2012

Postdoc in evolutionary biology (France)

A 2-years postdoctoral position is available at INRA
( in Nancy, France, starting from
March 2013. The research proposal is focused on the study of the
adaptation of the poplar rust fungus (/Melampsora larici-populina/) to
the poplar varietal landscape. Our goal is to integrate approaches of
population genetics, landscape epidemiology and evolution of life
history traits of the poplar rust fungus in order to: (i) identify
genetic signatures of adaptation of the pathogen's populations to the
poplar varietal landscape; and (ii) assess the ability of the pathogen
to adapt to quantitative resistances.

Candidates should have a good background in ecology, evolutionary
biology, and population genetics. Knowledge of host -- parasite
interactions, especially plant pathology, is not mandatory but would be

The postdoctoral position will be funded by the INRA Metaprogramme SMaCH
(Sustainable Management of Crop Health) and AgreenSkills. The selected
candidate(s) and the hosting lab will build a detailed research project,
which will subsequently be evaluated by AgreenSkills. The AgreenSkills
eligibility requirements and selection procedure are detailed at
<> Applicants should send a
letter of interest and a CV, including the names and contact details of
two or three referees, to Pascal Frey (>) before November 1^st 2012 (deadline for
application at AgreenSkills November 15^th 2012).

If you know of anyone who might be a good fit for this position please
pass on this information to him or her. Thank you. Apologies for cross

Best regards,

Dr Pascal FREY
INRA, University of Lorraine
Forest Pathology Group
UMR1136 "Tree - Microbe Interactions"
F-54280 Champenoux

Phone: 33 383 394 056
Fax: 33 383 394 069

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