Postdoc in human population genomics ~

4 de octubre de 2012

Postdoc in human population genomics

Hi all,

We are actively looking to fill several post-doc positions in the lab
focused on human population genetics and genomics.  The research
interests of the lab are broad an encompass both medical and
evolutionary genomics questions.  One of the positions is focused on
admixture analysis in Hispanic/Latino and African-American populations
with both genotype data and medical phenotypes including a host of
cardiovascular traits. We are also collecting exome and full genome
sequence data on a diverse set of understudied populations including
Mexican Native American groups, Melanesians, and South Africans.   I'm
looking for both experimentalists who want to develop novel techniques
for characterizing genome variation as well as
theoreticians/statistical geneticists interested in methods
development in population and quantitative genetics. Lastly, we are
also looking for a very good computational person interested in
exploring the Amazon cloud for building an ancestry deconvolution
server.  If interested, please send me a CV with cover letter all in
PDF format.   Our current lab website is being updated, but you can
find recent papers from my group here:

Many thanks,


Carlos D. Bustamante, Professor
Department of Genetics
Stanford School of Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive
Lane Building, Room L-301
Stanford, CA 94305-5120
Phone:   +1-650-723-6330
Fax: +1-650-723-3667

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