Postdoc in Plant-Virus Interaction and Co-Evolution (Spain) ~

1 de noviembre de 2012

Postdoc in Plant-Virus Interaction and Co-Evolution (Spain)

Research topics: Within the broad field of the evolution of
plant-virus interactions *the post-doctoral scientist to be recruited
will participate in defining a specific programme of research that
should be related to one of the following subjects: 1) Ecology of virus
emergence, 2) Population genetics of plant-virus interactions, 3)
Genetics and dynamics of plant colonisation by viruses. *

Funding: Candidate and host group will apply jointly to the Spanish
Juan de la Cierva Programme (MINECO-JDC), BOE October 24, 2012

Requisites: Experience in virus evolution or/and population genetics
of plants or/and evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions.



BEFORE *NOVEMBER 20^th * 2012

For further information about the group:

*For additional information on CBGP, please visit **http://www.cbgp.upm***

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