Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities at Doñana Biological Station (EBD), Sevilla, Spain. ~

25 de enero de 2013

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities at Doñana Biological Station (EBD), Sevilla, Spain.

Funded by the “Severo Ochoa” Excellence Program awarded by the Spanish
Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, we seek applicants for seven two-
year postdoctoral fellowships. The Doñana Biological Station, belonging to
the Spanish Council for Research (CSIC), is currently made up of 43 faculty
members working in the following research lines:

Plant-Animal Interactions
Evolutionary Biology
Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics
Conservation Biology and Global Change
Biological Invasions
Ecological Synthesis
Wetland Ecology

Both junior and senior postdoctoral candidates with an outstanding
publication record are encouraged to apply. Postdoctoral fellows at EBD
typically interact with several lab groups and are expected to participate
in seminars, discussion groups, training courses and workshops.  Candidates
are encouraged to contact potential collaborating faculty members at EBD
( to inquire about current and potential research
activities and projects. Selected candidates will be mentored by one or two
faculty members designated by the Steering Committee of the Severo Ochoa

Starting date: Summer 2013 approx.
Salary: 39,000 € approx. per yr. before taxes

Candidates should send curriculum vitae, two letters of reference, and a
statement of overall scientific goals and interests (approximately 1500
words). Please also indicate the research line, among the seven ones cited
above, which better fit your expertise. You may also name faculty members
with whom you may like to interact, and who may act as mentors. Selected
candidates will participate in ongoing projects led by their mentors.

Applications and Reference letters should be sent to the email or FAX
address below. Reference letters must be sent directly by the referee. or Fax: 34 954621125
Closing date for application, 24 February 2013.

Doñana Biological Station hires on the basis of merit and is an equal
opportunity employer. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the “Severo Ochoa” Program at Doñana
Biological Station,
Juan J. Negro, Director

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