Songbird Research Field Assistant (USA) ~

26 de abril de 2013

Songbird Research Field Assistant (USA)

Westchester, NY - Currently seeking one field assistant to run one station
as part of a graduate research project focusing on the effects of deer
browse on migratory landbirds in suburban New York. This station will run
simultaneously with another station at a nearby field site for the duration
of spring migration. The assistant will be in charge of opening and closing
mistnets, extracting birds from nets, collecting a blood sample from target
species, and following standard banding protocol. Sampling will be done five
mornings a week for four weeks. A stipend of $250/per week will be allocated
for this assistant. Work is from May 1-May 31 2013. Sampling will be
conducted five mornings a week for four weeks beginning at sunrise until 11 AM.

Applicants should have extensive mistnetting experience, be able to operate
mistnets without supervision, have experience handling and banding
passerines, and be able to cover strenuous terrain. Previous experience
collecting blood samples is desirable but not required. Housing options may
be available but would not be included in the stipend. Personal vehicle is
required for transportation to and from study sites. If interested, please
send a cover letter, resume and three references to Michael Fraatz at

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