Postdoc: Computational cellular network analysis (Germany) ~

27 de mayo de 2013

Postdoc: Computational cellular network analysis (Germany)

We are a smaller research team of a couple of phd-students, varying undergraduates and the group leader. We are offering a postdoctoral fellowship position for 2 years (TVL E-13) starting as soon as possible, an extension is possible, or several phd-student positions (TVL E-13/2).

The successful candidates will work either in a project handling immune suppression after sepsis, or in a project identifying the regulation of metabolism of breast cancer.

We are analyzing and modeling metabolism, signaling and regulatory networks of immune cells and liver cells during sepsis, and cancer cells using gene expression data from microarrays and next generation sequencing. We employ machine learning methods, statistics, network analysis methods, own developments determining disease specific regulation to identify specific drug targets for therapy.

If you are interested in systematically detecting functional patterns of such data in networks, if you have a good experience in the analysis of high throughput data from functional genomics, and if you hold a degree (PhD for the postdoc positions, otherwise master/diploma degree) in bioinformatics, physics, computer science, mathematics, biology or related subjects, we are looking forward to your application (preferably within one pdf by email).

Prof. Dr. Rainer König
CSCC, Jena University Hospital
Beutenbergstraße 11a
07745 Jena, Germany

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