Postdoc: Plant Evolution (Switzerland) ~

6 de mayo de 2013

Postdoc: Plant Evolution (Switzerland)

Our fellowship programme is open to all fields of plant sciences,
including but not limited to evolutionary biologists.

PLANT FELLOWS - The International Post doc Fellowship Programme in Plant

Next deadline for applications: 24th June 2013 at 17.00.00, Zurich local

PLANT FELLOWS is an international post doc fellowship programme in the
field of plant sciences co-funded by the SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME
(FP7) Marie Curie Actions ­ People, Co-funding of Regional, National
and International Programmes (COFUND) and is centrally managed at the
Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center:

It is offering post-doc fellowships between 12 and 24 months, spread
between three different mobility schemes (incoming, outgoing and
reintegration) at more than 20 universities, research institutions and
industry partners all over the world.  The fellows of the programme
can benefit from a postdoc training programme including transnational
mobility, industrial placements, career events and courses dedicated to
training in en trepreneurship and complementary skills.

PLANT FELLOWS is open to all fields of research in plant sciences and to
applicants of any nationality fulfilling the following eligibility
- Only experienced researcher can benefit from the PLANT FELLOWS
  programme. Thus the applicant must, at the time of recruitment be in
  possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-
  time equivalent research experience. Both options need to be verified
  by certificates, which will be reviewed by the selection committee.
- At the date for application submission, the applicant must not have
  resided or carried out his/her main activity (e.g. work, studies) in
  the country of the host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3
  years immediately prior to the application submission.
- The transnational mobility shall come under one of the following 3
  fellowship schemes: incoming, outgoing or re-integration mobility.

The general eligibility criteria are set out in the PLANT FELLOWS guide
for applicants available at the PLANT FELLOWS website:

The applicant shall be available for the post within 5 months after
receiving the notification of acceptance of application.

The application for a PLANT FELLOWS post doc fellowship needs to be
submitted electronically via an online application system at the PLANT
FELLOWS website.

The forms of grants and maximum reimbursement rates, which will be
offered, are specified in the PLANT FELLOWS guide for applicants.

Do not hesitate to contact the programme officer Mrs. Romy Kohlmann
( for any further questions.

To learn more about the programme activities, the application and
selection procedures as well as the host organisations please visit:

Romy Kohlmann, M.A. ­ Programme Officer PLANT FELLOWS - Zurich-Basel
Plant Science Center -
ETH Zürich, LFW B 51 - Universitätstrasse 2 - 8092 Zürich
phone: 0041 44 632 47 96 - fax: 044 632 18 26 (Monday- Thursday)

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