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8 de mayo de 2013

Raptor count coordinators (Georgia)

We are seeking enthusiastic and dedicated raptorwatchers to serve as a Count Coordinator and strengthen the team for the entire autumn season. The team of count coordinators lead the daily operation of the count and guarantee the quality of the monitoring. If you think you might wish to apply, please read on.  Please send us your application by 20 May 2013 if you wish to be considered for the position.  Thank you!


Count Coordinators are integral to the soul of the BRC count–they oversee the daily operation of our stations and help ensure the quality of the data we collect.  As a Count Coordinator, you will work in a team together with another Count Coordinator and the Monitoring director  Your job will be to ensure not only that BRC count protocols are followed and that all data is recorded correctly in the palmtop computers, but also to manage the volunteers in your charge to ensure consistent and uniform coverage of the station.  You must be ready to put in long hours and to lead by example, and ready to pitch a hand to help carry out whatever tasks are required to ensure the count is conducted properly and on time each day.  You will work closely with the Monitoring Director and the other Coordinators to address any problems as they arise.  Each evening after the count, you will be also responsible for uploading your station's results to the Trektellen website and provide regular updates for the blog.


If selected, Count Coordinators must be able to commit to working with BRC for the entire count period from17 August through 16 October 2013.  A coordinator should have conversational command of the English language and have some background with identifying most Western Palearctic raptor species at distance. Previous experience with migration counts or other conservation monitoring projects preferred, but not required.  Basic computer competency with web browsers and MS Excel will be needed.  If you have not already read the Autumn Count 2013 page, please do so before submitting your application.


Count Coordinators will be covered for all homestay and local transport expenses during the count period, and will also receive a small stipend towards the cost of their air travel to and from Georgia.

How To Apply

To apply for this position, please draft a one page cover letter with your name, contact information (including postal mailing address, email address, and--if you have one--mobile phone number) describing your interest in the position, any background you feel pertinent to this application, and what you believe you can offer to the BRC as a Count Coordinator this fall.  Please email your letter by 20 May 2013 to the BRC Monitoring Director: arthur.green@batumiraptorcount.org.  If you have already applied to BRC as a volunteer counter this fall or worked with us in previous years, please note that in your letter.  Please keep your letter brief.  We do not need an exhaustive resume or c.v!
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Cordially Yours,
The BRC Team

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